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I just swung by Anni Mini yesterday and offered myself the Gordini... to answer your question, the price was 145 euros, so about £100 I believe. It's a limited run of 300 and there won't be any more. For now, there are still a number available, but she doesn"t expect to have any left by the Paris hobby show in early April or so.

The running gear is strictly Scalextric, including the driver...

I was talking with Anny and Michel and they are considering a companion for the car, maybe a Bugatti 251 (Michel showed me a period photo of the two in a race), but this is still very much in the preliminary stages. What would you guys think of a Bug 251?

Anni-Mini also finally has a website:
It just opened, and may still be under construction, but take a shot...

Alan Tadd
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Thanks Don, Nice Christmas Present.

I think the Bugatti is a great idea, always nice to have cars in racing pairs.

The web site seems to be up and running, but I couldn't see anything about Mail order.

I shall be in Paris in April, but that may be too late, so I may get one via Pendle or get slotted.

Regards and Seasons Greetings to you.

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