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We have had to cancel racing twice in the past 2 weeks as last week, our PC decided it would no longer boot. It became a dead computer, ce la vie.

This week, we had a nice little laptop and an Arduino UNO ready to run RC and we had a rebuilt PC as a back-up. Sadly, we couldnt get the laptop and Arduino to run and to add insult to injury, the rebuilt PC decided it would not boot at all.

We have taken the decision that we simply cannot expect people to come and hand around in the off chance that we get things running and we cant afford the cost of hiring the hall in these circumstances, so, we are cancelling all race nights for the next month until we are confident that we have a reliable working system.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and support but we will be back in action very soon, so watch this space or take a look at our website for further news.
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Tough break. I sympathise. We are so dependent on these computers. Hope you can get things sorted.

I'm no help, and it sounds like you do have some of the necessary skills, but you should post here if you hit problems as Slotforum is bound to have some more savvy regulars who might assist.
Thanks Wankel, we have had a series of issues over the past 12 months and we thought we had cracked it but then 2 PCs cried "enough"!

We were running the parallel port connections on the old PCs but we have an Arduino to connect the laptop, so it's a new thing for us and we failed to get it running last night. Basically, the laptop wouldn't recognise the Arduino although my laptop at home did recognise it. We think it was a case of the club laptop not having Arduino drivers but we think we have resolved that now.

RC says that we should connect the Arduino to COM 1 but for some reason, the only COM port is 3 at the moment, hey ho! Modern technology, eh?
RC says that we should connect the Arduino to COM 1 but for some reason, the only COM port is 3 at the moment, hey ho! Modern technology, eh?
Yup, precisely no idea what your mind was thinking or your keyboard just eventuated on the screen but, like I said, there'll be some savvy members who do.

Com3, eh? Tsch!
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And I'll dig my XP Tower out, which has Lots of RAM & Free Memory available / Well 'Crack It' 👍
Genuine Ardunio boards should not need a driver,but generic one often need the driver added to the pc,because they use a different USB/ Serial chip.
I now tend to load the driver on all track PC so if for some reason we need to change the Ardunio the driver is ready.
Also check the Com port as changing from one board to another will change the port required.
Typical! I can make the three weeks from 26th onwards! Mail on it's way Mike.
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Found my XP Tower.
It's a 'Beast' 👍✌


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I've got a monitor.
Will check my leads out & try to fire it up later.

Gotta search the realms of my mind for the P/W! ✌
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