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Not our traditional scale I know, but...

A metal diecast mounted on an Artin 1:43 chassis, and possibly the cheapest way to put a slotcar together. The diecast cost £1.99 and all I needed apart from that was an Artin F1 car for the chassis and driver helmet - I had these in the spares box but you can currently get two Indy cars and a battery powered figure of eight for £7.50 from BHS in the sale. We're talking the cost of two or three pints of your favourite here!

The car is from Maxi-Car and is (obviously) a BMW Z8. I haven't done anything to the paint thats how it came. I junked the interior (inline motor so it wouldn't fit) and have fitted a piece of matt black card in it's place. The driver is just a head which isn't a very elegant solution but it looks OK when moving on the track. Front wheels and axle taken straight from the diecast, the wheelbase matched one of the w/b options on the Artin chassis exactly so I didn't have to get creative in building up a location to mount the axle on. Rear axles and wheels are from the Artin car which is why they don't really match the front.

These Artin cars run absolutely beautifully without magnets and with a heavy body on them, I haven't had to true tyres or ballast any of my 1:43 conversions. They are only designed for 6V though but second hand anecdotes inform me that they will run on a more normal 12V supply without showing any signs of wanting to expire smokily.

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