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For what it is worth.

I have numerous plans for 70's F1 cars, BT44 included. I plan a more ''off the shelf'' approach with my starting point a Fly March 761 (just raided ebay for a few). Rear wheels and track about right already (slightly wide (65mm+) but could narrow axle a bit if required). Front suspension a bit wobbly and slightly narrow for a BT44. So what I did last time (Lotus 72E) was to replace front end with Scalex M23 wheels/axle and narrowed to required front track dimension.

As I just run on a Scalex Sport track, with a bit of gluing, truing and oiling, I get performance enough for me with basic Fly/ Scalex wheels/tyres.

Original Scalex BT44 looks very short wheelbase (agree with your 2.413 - from Ultimatecar - so some chopping to fit to the Fly chassis probably required, but not too difficult stuff. I googled Brabham BT44/44b and got a good Tamiya side and plan view (guess you did the same).

Good luck.

Not started my conversion yet - on a list of 12 to do.

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