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…I know. I know. Everyone has done one.

Toy Art Automotive design Personal protective equipment Fashion accessory

So I did the #5 car. The 427 cubic inch beast that ran only once (as #5) at Sebring in 1967.

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Land vehicle

I didn't bother with the front paddle spoilers:

Vehicle Car White Motor vehicle Automotive design

Or the absurd "luggage box" that was bolted to the modified rear. FIA required that all cars have room for a suitcase - two suitcases if over 2.0 liter displacement. The big block engine installation left no internal room for luggage, so…

Clothing Car Trousers Tire Wheel

Tire Car Vehicle Wheel Automotive design

Apart from that, I think that it's reasonably faithful to the original. Anyway, I like it. And it's fun-to-run.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Toy

This "vast wasteland" of an interior cried out for detail.

Blue Azure Cap Rectangle Font


Automotive lighting Toy Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Automotive lighting Automotive design Bumper Auto part Bicycle part

The body is mounted on a stock MRRC Sebring chassis.

Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Wheel Car

••• ••• •••

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood

Car Vehicle Tire Hood Automotive design

White Automotive design Vehicle Cameras & optics Gadget

Car Vehicle Hood Automotive design Automotive exterior

Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive design Bumper

••• ••• •••

Hmm. Those mirrors. On a slot car. I don't know…


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I agree with Andy, great job ..!!!

I also agree that the the blue tinted windows are somewhat annoying,.....but ,the vast majority of Strommie 2D's came with them. Some did have clear widows, and I am on the lookout.


Chris Walker

PS..Joel, a bunch of the red ones also came with the blue windows,. no rhyme no reason........if anyone has a clear window piece, I would be happy to talk !!

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Nice job. Especially with the interiors.

This body is the only Chaparral that really appeals to me.

Interesting about the windows: I did not notice the tint until you guys mentioned it.

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Very nice work, especially on the interior. Strombecker did a number of nice models, and this 2D is the best of the vintage ones, in my opinion....capturing the wasp waisted shape that the Eldon missed. The availability of the MRRC wheels is a huge boon to these cars.

Very pretty.

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Mfogg. Absolutely beautiful work on your 2D! A very classic look!

If I could drive a race car on the street? A 2D would be my choice. A lime green one.

I've had 2-different white 2D bodies. One had blue tinted windows, and the other clear.

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El coche esta muy bien realizado.

Yo tampoco hubiera puesto el maletero, queda muy feo. Lo que si hubiera añadido es la prolongación del alerón posterior hacia el lateral del coche.

The car is very well made.

I would not have put the trunk either, it is very ugly. What if I had added is the extension of the rear wing towards the side of the car.

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