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Does anyone know of any clubs in the Banbury area that race mid week (Mon - Thurs)? If so, what classes are raced and whereabouts is the club....

Jim Moyes
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You need to speak to a certain Mr W.Ickx Esq. of the Oxford club which meets every Tuesday I believe- well that's the night we called on them! As for classes, I think it's a case of chuck everything you've got in a box and head along there. Erm.....a very spontaneous class picking system is in operation! All good sorts though and a friendly bunch too! Pub just across the road for post race analysis/ nerfing accusations etc.

I'm sure Wankel will be along as soon as he sees this with more details.


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Oh, no he won't.

Oh, very well.

Insider, you are very welcome to come see us one Tuesday evening at Ramsden. That is however, not really in the Banbury neighbourhood; but despite this we do have two regulars tripping down from that neck of the woods because there is, to the best of my knowledge, nothing doing in your town.

We aren't much like other clubs; we're not ultra competitive (witness Eastcote descending on us one night last year, all mob handed, and trouncing us on our own turf) and we run box standard rtr toys. But we do have a laugh.

Since out set up is old and in large parts defective we run what we call Black Lane Rules - if black lane or its sensor is playing up we reserve the right to run Blue Lane Rules instead. What this means is, each racer will get a go on each of the lanes that have decided to function that evening and when your name is called to run on black, you get to call the class. Simple.

Popular recent classes;

Modern Scaley's - single magnets only(no Sport twin mag set-ups) This sees diverse fields of Lola's, Trans Ams and DTM cars hurtling around.

Ninco NC-1 - anything supplied with an NC-1 and minus any magnet it may have also carried. This one will line up F-50's, DTM's and rally cars. My current favourite steed is a pokey little Clio.

SCX WRC - pretty self-explanatory, just get your magnut out. Xsara's and Pugs to the fore.

Ninco NC-2 - this time the mugnut stays put.

Rally Raid - mugnuts back out again for some Tigger style bouncy fun and games.

SCX F1 - sometimes this is called as a historic series, i.e. with the old Minardi's and Ferrari's locking horns; sometimes it's modern stuff (always without the magnet) and then again it can be a melange of the two. It all really depends.

Classic Scaley - any dodgy old 80's car with iffy handling! Some folks have been know to sneak a mag'ed up Jaguar or Rothmans Porsche in occasionally. No names, no pack drill.

Fly - give your screwdriver a rest and leave that magnet be. We split these into classic and modern.

Nascars - Scalextric's dazzlers with magnets in situ.

And so it goes on. Essentially, the black lane driver says what he would like to race, if his competitors don't have a qualifying wagon, there are no loaners to be scrounged and he doesn't like the sound of suggested substitutes, then he has to have another think about it.

Another recent favourite call has been, "Anything with lights". Whereupon we knock out the hall lights and proceed to lose track of which car is on which lane and just where the darn black lane is anyway!

Take a look at the website (link in my sig) for more info. Some of it is a tad out of date but there are directions and a little bit more background to the way we play.

Hopefully see you soon.
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