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I am currently building some cars which are limited to pre 1972 parts, so I had a root around in the hoard to see what could be cannibalised. There was an old St Bruno tobacco tin marked "armatures" which hasn't been opened since about 1978 so I looked in. Bonus!

Product Automotive lighting Rectangle Toy Cuisine

There are two unused Mura comms., and a load of 16D rewinds which is what I was hoping for, plus Mura rewinds and a bare VIP 6 pole arm. All the comms and stacks are good, so even if the old winds are carp, there is some useful stuff to start again with.

One is horribly burnt and was clearly a failure. I had marked several with code numbers to indicate the winds used, but the key to those is long gone.

From memory, I think that the one on the glass tube was the best which is why it got special treatment. I never thought when i put these in the tin that they would ever have a use.

Moral - never throw anything away!
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