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Any one out there remember this?

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Thanks to Jim for finding this image of me at the old Gorleston Greenbees slot racing circuit back in the late 70's.
We were constructing the banked curve section at the start of the main straight. What a track!

I would like any one who knows the contact details of John Goldsmith to pass them on to me. I am sure he has loads of old pictures of area 6 slot racing back in the 1970's.;MI=51090180004


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Nigel, you have a PM from me re John. Mike
Hello Nigel.

Yes I have lots of photos of Area 10 (East Anglia - I assume that's what you meant, though I do have several of Area 6 - the Midlands - too)
I have about 6 of the Gorleston track (and yourself at race control) in its flat form. None found of the banked version.

Also quite a few shots of cars by Andy Powles.

There are pictures of mine all over the internet, but I'm currently having connection problems at home so this is from Library, and I can't easily search them out to link you to them. Nor can I upload the many photos on my PC. I think is the right address to get to the Heron Club's old track pictures.

There are also some on the main BSCRA slot racing pages and the Yahoo forum.

My email address is [email protected] That works OK at library.

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It looked a great track, What happened to it?
I can't believe how quickly I got a reply from John. I have replied via email.

Thanks to Mike for his help.

As for the track I would love to know. I would imagine it ended up being destroyed. If any one knows please let me know.

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Hi Nigel,

I was a member of Gorleston Green Bees from when the track was first built, until around 1973.

I'm sure there was a picture in the Yarmouth Mercury of the track after the banked curve had been completed - unfortunately I no longer have it.

I do have a Yarmouth Mercury press cutting, not dated unfortunately, describing a 6 hour endurance race for the Pertwee & Back Team Endurance Challenge Trophy. The teams were The Vikings, The Thumbprints, The Fireballs (the team I was in) and the Hustlers.

The race was won by The Hustlers - B Payne (captain), Don Wills and J Payne (with S Payne as reserve).
Second were The Vikings - M Scarlett (captain - had to be!
), K Walters, A Powles, G Kendall, P Leggatt and R Wain.
The Fireballs - D Matthews (captain), M Getliffe and me (Peter Rix) were second for most of the race and then had motor failure

Just thought I'd share that with you.



P.S. Yes JP, the track was excellent - the banked curve was awesome and I'm sure you would have had a car built especially to see how far you could get it to jump from the top of the dip - assuming the chassic didn't snap in half first
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Showing your age there Pete
, I was just 3 in 1973

Living in Gorleston opposite Firestation, Burnt Lane, never knew it existed.
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Hi Sy,

it's a smaller world than you think! I lived just around the corner from you in Highfield Close, although it was before you were even a twinkle in your Dad's eye! I was there until 1967-ish.
I remember Hi-field road, just over the garage's from burnt lane
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We were both half right. It is Highfield Road. Must be my age and failing memory - it was 43 years ago!
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The Wetpaint site I mentioned above no longer exists - they dropped support for miscellaneous sites.

I've just come back to this Forum and I can't currently figure how I upload my photos.
Check out the forum guides on image posting here.
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Thank you but that simply does not work.
I click on More Reply Options and I don't actually get more options. The only option is the icon of a framed picture - that merely lets me link to a picture that has a URL - I need to upload direct from my hard disc.

According to the help page I get an option of "Choose Files" or "Browse" depending on browser. I'm using Chrome and neither of these options appear.
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