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Greg Gaub
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Uh, yeah... if the car goes at all, under control, and changing lanes, then the chip is fine.
If it dies when you punch it, it's the motor pulling too many amps.
Note that the RPM alone is not a sure indication that the chip can, or cannot, handle it. Not only is it possible for different brands of the same RPM motor to work or not work, but even the same brand motor, due to manufacturing variances, can be safe, or not.
I believe MSC is primarily into rally cars, where torque is king. As such, I think it's likely, especially at 21k, that the motor is too much for a standard Scalextric chip.
Now, if you used an F1 chip, you might be able to get by with a saloon chip. If it was a saloon chip you tried, then I would suggest either replacing the motor with one that has less power and/or speed, OR upgrading the chip as per RichG's examples. GregK has done many, and gmyers performs upgrades as a paid service, or if you're a king at soldering, you can tackle it yourself. That's assuming you don't want to put a chip in.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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