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Just thought I'd quickly ask this as wasn't intending to delve any deeper tonight, as I'm off to the pub! A beer (or maybe more) has my name on it!!!!

I was just killing a bit of time and thought "I'll chip that MSC Metro!"

So, I got me stuff out and went at it.

A quick test before reassembly found that the motor cuts out on full throttle. I have to remove the car from the track and put in back on to get the car to go again.

First thought - it could be the motor is too powerful for the chip, but its only 21000rpm. Hence my question.

Second thought - duff chip.

Third thought - I'm thirsty. Sod it. I'm off for a beer!

Do not worry, I will pick up any replies/responses on my phone, in the pub, whilst supping


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