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Wish there was a proxy race sub-forum!

Is anyone going to take part in this? My club in Houston is entering a whole fleet! We just had a shekedown race (I missed it because I was visiting the UK and was at Brooklands at the time!!!)

Pix of the cars are on the front page including the results:

RAA Shakedown Pix

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I entered the last one after missing the first round (100 laps). Car blew up half way through round 2, so finishing 12th not too shabby. (I could only have come 10th at best because of missing round one).

Over All Standings

Gerald Mersing 1000 laps 113.73 minutes
Mike Lipta 1000 laps 118.57 minutes No break downs
Don Pearson 1000 laps 122.43 minutes No Break downs
Jim Butt 1000 laps 130.41 minutes No break downs
Dick Pearson 1000 laps 133.57 minutes no break downs
Allen Wakefield 1000 laps 142.77mintues no break downs
Kevin Schofield 1000 laps 144.46 minutes 1 break down
Paul Bass 968 laps 129.90 minutes , 1 break down
Mathew Wilder 924 laps 116.11 minutes 2 break downs
Cliff Manley 900 laps 116.43 minutes 1 break down
Norman Judge 877 laps 123.33 Minutes, 1 break,
Shane Bower 849 laps 130.17 minutes 1 break down
John Litval 811 laps 105.42 minutes 2 break downs
Robert Cline 799 laps 91.45 minutes 3 break downs
Devon Pearson 740 laps 96.40 minutes 2 break downs
Roger Beale 725 laps 99.59 minutes Total 3 break downs
Scott Enns 720 laps 86.07 minutes Total 3 break downs
Paul TT 700 laps 91.86 minutes Total no break downs

Allan Wakefield
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I also entered the last one and seems I got 6th place so not too bad.

However the event seemed to fade halfway through and information stopped coming and had to be chased.
I would not enter again unless there was some guarantee that willingness and enthusiasm for the Event could be continued through the year to be honest.

Even the website went offline it seems.

Lenny Broke
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I would have been interested, but as one of the people involved in the southern hemisphere leg isn't a fan of mine. I won't even bother putting in an entry as it would be very likely be rejected.
Seems you can say what you like as long as your point of view is like his.

QUOTE And that's all I have to say on that. F. Gump

Cheers Lenny
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