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Anyone seen the new Challenger advert?

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Saw it on ITV1 earlier.

Looked quality

They made it seem like it was unbeatable though!
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TV advertising for the challenger? and not at christmas time? thats impressive!

What was the ad like?
Challenger ad thats interesting considering that certain elements think Moto GP is "the" thing to come from Scalextric !!

Seems like Scalextric see maybe Challenger as being the hot item in their stable at the moment to be spending money advertising on TV.

Will be interested to see if thats a nationwide campaign at not just a darn sarf thing and of course interested just to view the ad !! As Astro has said advertising and its not Xmas whats going on ??? Maybe this hobby is bigger than we think hmmmmm.............
Providing an opponent to actually race against something, without having to depend on friends, is probably the single most useful push that any slot set manufacturer could make.
But it IS a slightly unusual time of year to see TV commercials for it.
Maybe the time of year is deliberately being extended to check out the potential effectiveness of TV advertizing 'out of season', ie a serious attempt to extend the traditional season?
saw the ad (4 25, itv in my tv region) - its pretty good.

From its placement and style, i would say its aimed at kids. Darkened studio, big track with some grandstands etc around it, but fairly minimalist; challenger racing against various cars including a gt40 and a touring car (astra?) but quick editing so its more an impression you get, lots of on-car cam-work. Also a big green computer graphic on part of the screen, and the sales line 'Race for Real' - so it looks to me as if they want some of the PS2/xbox market.. and why not?
On a similar note - have you seen the paper and billboard smart car adverts?

Picture of a scalextric track with a tag line along the lines of "Scalextric fans - drive a real toy car".
A real toy car?
Now they are really trying to confuse us.
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