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Greg Gaub
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Depends on the car, but yeah. SCX Compact cars should all work fairly well, especially as they have "real" guides and not the pins that Carrera Go cars have.
Go! cars will be a toss up. Some will have room for a chip, some won't, but the guide pin will need tweaking for them to run well in the narrower Sport slot.
Kyosho D-slot (terrible name!) cars are surprisingly full because of their motor/pod/gearing system, so would probably be hard to chip.
There are some other 1:43 size cars out there, like Ranch Design, where you're more or less up to your own devices for lots of things, and you're likely to have more luck chipping those, since you have to build the cars anyway. I'm not sure if they make completed 1:43 slot cars, but it would be cool if they did.
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