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Friday 29th April saw a visit by some members of Pendle and ScaleModels clubs to Hawthorne Park for some frantic racing with LeMans/GT style cars.
A thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by all (I hope
Here are the results (if you can't read them our web-meister Jake will be posting them there in a larger format).

Nic Hirst clocking a stunning 7.3sec lap, which certainly ranks as the fastest lap in current record keeping! Nice one fella

Hopefully we'll be able to hold a similar event in the future.

Thanks to everyone that turned up for a great evening's racing, hope you enjoyed yourselves.
See you again soon,


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agreed phil, it was a good nights racing with a good atmosphere.

it was good meeting everyone from scalemodels for the first time, aswell as niel and nic.

Thanks alot everyone and look forward to seeing you again for something similar


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Hi to all at the Hawthorns,

Thanks for putting on a great night racing
I enjoyed the great atmosphere between all x3 Clubs
Its a great track and i hope other slot club members should take a visit to the Hawthorns and experiance a great track and friendly Members.
Great night racing and so close has well
I came 9th which gives me room for improvment lol

Anyway a big Thank you and I hope to see you all at Scale Models soon!
I am sure we will return


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I'd just like to add belated thanks to the Hawthorne guys for entertaining us on Friday. As can be seen from the results Scale Models racing had the strongest team, well Keith and I are holding everyone else up
. Hope you can visit us in the near future.


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Hi from phil scalemodel's, good night's raceing suprised to get a second place ahead of neil must admit my car's have never flown as much before ( meaning off the bridge ) as to return date's I mentioned june, one of are racer's will be at le-man that is the 12th one of your's mentioned he'd be at the touring car's presume BTCC the 5th at oulton park 19th croft could you comfirm if one or both that would leave the 26th. seya phil.
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