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Dr_C : did you, or anybody else, ever release a 4 lane start/finish mod/setup for arc pro ?
I am happy to share an update on what I am working on re ARC PRO...

First, I am finding there is modest interest in specialist upgrades to the ARC PRO, including a few users who are looking for 4 lane start finish sensors. However, despite what we hear on this forum the majority of users seem to be happy with their ARC PRO in its standard production format. Given that the users who want something different... in general are each looking for different new features... I for my part I am looking into a modular approach to upgrades for the ARC PRO... focused on the following options...

1/ 4 lane start finish
2/ pit lane connectivity
3/ sector timing
4/ anticollision
5/ 8/12/24 car operation
6/ wifi/usb connectivity
7/ variable speed pacer cars

So... quite a big project...


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if you define <foreseeable future> as next 3 months then I am sorry but it is a no from me.

Item 1 on its own in my opinion is not viable for the design effort involved... it only becomes viable as part of a system which addresses item 5 too. With up to 24 cars racing... a four lane start/finish line becomes a must have feature...


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Not sure whether I have asked this before but can ARC Am users confirm the following: -

ARC Pro Doesn't

Store race data
Vary fuel usage
Vary fuel tank size
Count laps both ways
Brake button as Yellow Flag (Pause)
Allow parallel Start/Pit
Display in Landscape
Read LEDs ahead of guide

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About myself :
Male, 55 years old, living in Denmark. I have been running SSD, first with the 4-car pb, and with C7042 from when it came out. I have used SSDC, PClapcounter and mostly RCS64. I participate in testing RCS64, and now RCS-O2. I have a track consisting of 2 x 2 lanes with pits on each track. The track is designed for oxigen, as a 4 lane track, with 2 double pitlanes - with the RMS on a projector on the wall - watch my gallery. I am a hobbyist, trying to share my hobby with other people. Me and my group run almost every brand of cars, mostly, NSR, scalextric, pioneer and BRM.

Text below is based on firsthand impression. There may be features I have not found out or have misunderstood, so it is not neccesarily the absolute truth. Review is far from complete, but I thought some of you were curious.

I may have focused on things, that are more important to me, than to you.

I am not going to describe every apspect of the manual or the software

There are a few pictures in my personal ARC PRO gallery

Package contains :
1 Powerbase - one full straight trackpiece with a Big ugly print "ARCPRO"
1 Powersuppy - same as for C7042
2 controllers (No batteries )
1 tablet stand
4 additional wristbands for controllers with colours matchning ports on powerbase

Download Scalextric ARC app from Google or Apple to your preferred tablet

Pairing C8435 to Android tablet/phone - easy

Pairing C8435 to Ipad/Iphone - easy

Are there any differences in the APP on the platforms Android/Apple - they Seem very like. I have not found differences yet.

Pairing controller to Powerbase - easy

Programming car with correct ID - easy

Running direction - laps are only counted if running direction is right to left !!!!

Track power measured to 16 volts AC
USB port is marked on the powerbase, but there is no explanation of the use.

Race in digital mode
Pit stop without sensors - Laps cannot be added after Pitlane use
Tyre wear and fuel is calculated after passing start/finish

Switch to Analog - there is a switch on the side of the c8235 to enable analog
Needed number of powersupplys to run 2 analog cars at the same time ? I Forgot this - will check tomorrow.

Race in analog mode

Like on c7042 - use the two first controller ports
The APP seems to recognice the powerbase as an ARC AIR, when in analog mode. This modifies the possibilities in the APP.

Controllers : The new wireless controllers are more comfortable than the old wired ones. There is rumble for some occasions.

Other compatible hardware :

Controllers :
I have two Arc air controllers with the oxigen firmware installed : Lanechange button is not working with ARC Pro. LC Works in oxigenmode. must solve this ! scp-1 or scp-2 controllers with special firmware - update via bootloader - not tested yet.

Coming hardware : SCP-3 controller - will be able to run ARC PRO and/or Oxigen with the installed firmware

Connect your tablet to large screens :
Ipad : connected to vga display. Arc App Will only show in portrait mode.It is useable on a large screen - but one person must have the responsibility of activating "yellow flag"

Android : i have an android tablet with a micro hdmi output. I have connected it to a 32" tv and it squzes the app on the screen. I Think it Will be useable, Will test later. Must be the same "yellow flag" situation as with ipad.

Conclusion :
Is c8235 better than c7042 ? YES, it is a lot better. But the APP software can be a lot better. I have not seen any faults in the software.

Will C8235 replace c7042 in my track ? NO, not now. The app functionality is not good enough. I have used c7042 and rcs64 for years, and enjoy how i am able to customize the software, and make races that we all like.
Arc Pro app with the very linear fuelburn and tyrewear, is not good enough as it is. When fuel is loaded to 100% you Can run 10 laps and Then you have to pit, and change tyres and load fuel.
I Think it Will be No problem for scalextric to upgrade the app, with better possibilities for tyrewear and fuelburn. Tyres should last, at least, two full loads of fuel, before it is neccessary to change.
There might be features, that I am not aware of, or not have found yet ! If anyone knows how to modify fuel to a limit where you do not have to pit in every 10 laps, please let me know.

The ARC PRO Platinum sets with 4 cars and controllers, will be the best ever, scalextric boxed set, to be sold. with lapcounting and multiple raceformats and many joys of digital. I really hope for scalextric, and our hobby, that ARC PRO will bring a lot of new people to our hobby.

ARC Pro is very promising - I really hope Scalextric will step up on the software for us hobbyist, or that some develper will make a proper RMS.

Questions and comments are welcome. I will try to answer questions as good as I can.

Best regards & happy racing

Ivan K.
Hello, you mentioned to place the pits after the start/finish line? I'll try this because I'm having not to get fueled or change tyres. I'm using the Magic Arc for the Arc Pro.
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