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ARC Pro Rug Racing

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Hi fellow slotheads. A Toronto based rug racer here. I've been racing and tuning non-mag slots for a few years now. I took a six year hiatus from the hobby and decided upon returning to jump into the SSD pool. I used to have a four lane analogue track setup that I later sold (and now regret doing so). After doing some research - and a local retailer had a big sale - I bought the ARC Pro Platinum GT set. Here's my first setup using the set plus some extra track, borders, and LCs:

Train Wood Flooring Floor Hardwood

I'm pretty impressed with the Scalextric app, wireless controllers, variable power and throttle curves, ease of chipping cars, and how much fun the pit stops can be. A two lane track really cuts down on the footprint size as well as the amount of track and borders I need to have vs. my old four lane setup. Down the road I'm looking to build larger temporary circuits in my condo's party room and host slot racing nights for friends so I've got some more track, borders, and guardrails incoming. Eventually, I'd like to chip my Sideways and cars to run on this setup too - all non-mag of course. While I'm not new to slots and tuning, I am new to digital so thanks in advance for answering any newb questions I may have. Any observations or tips on SSD racing - particularly non-mag cars - are more than welcome. See you at the races!


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Hello dr vanski....when I saw your username I thought something was up....and it was.

Welcome back to the game.


Welcome back Dr V - and welcome to digital!

Non-mag and SSD is the way to go. Some R3 and R4 curves and some Paul Gage XPGs on those Scalextric cars will be a great upgrade. At some point, try Magic's unofficial app for ARC Pro - the features are more detailed and customisable. Having said that, I do like the official app.

We've built a lot of big temporary layouts at WHO/digital and have a lot of fun. Track plans, reports & videos here:
Thanks for the warm welcome, Munter. It's good to be back.

Woodcote: I checked out your website. Seems like your club is a lot of fun and those tracks! As a certain world leader might say: "they are YUUUUGE!" The tracks I'm planning to build are only half that size. It's great that you have a space where you can set these massive circuits up. I know that Sport track can have connectivity issues with long circuits. You are only using two power taps to get consistent power on your tracks?
Just two power taps (three as of 2019) - and one into our long pit lanes. The tabs on the underside of the track are kept tight, helping with the connectivity. And like many other SSD racers, we use INOX MX3 to condition the track. Just a couple of drops of INOX on the braids of the cars at the start of the evening works miracles.
.............Track plans, reports & videos here:
I busted out the fantastic plastic today. I had spent time de-maggng and tire truing my set cars plus a few others and wanted to see how they ran and how the LCs worked without mags.

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

I ordered a bunch more track and accessories so modified my track accordingly.

Wood Automotive tire Flooring Floor Track

Tire Automotive tire Flooring Wood Floor

At first the app wasn't counting laps, but I eventually figured out that I needed to flip the orientation of the power base. Once I got that figured out everything worked great...well...almost everything. Unfortunately, the left side pit entry I ordered was dead out of the box. I tried cycling the power on the track, reconnecting the piece, and various cars all to no avail. All LCs and my right side pit entry worked fine. Is it fairly common for these to be DOA out of the box? I haven't had that problem with any of my LCs. Just wondering....

I picked up some SCX brdge supports that I found as new old stock at an online store in Ohio, USA. In my opinion these are the best pylons for temporary circuits as they are the correct size for Sport track, are sturdy, and can be adjusted for width to include borders. I couldn't find Scalextric guardrails for the bridge in my online travels so I ordered a few sets of Ninco guardrails which did the job.

Wood Flooring Engineering Boats and boating--Equipment and supplies Track

I used the ubiquitous Dunlop bridge to get my cables over the track (rather than creating a bump by running cables under it).

Circuit component Networking cables Musical instrument accessory Electronic engineering Hardware programmer

And Ninco's finest catch fencing was used to contain deslotting cars at the end of the straight.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Building Urban design Mode of transport

The more I use the Scalextric app, the more I like it. The variable power is a game changer. Does anyone know what voltage the power base puts out at 100% power? I tried Magic but I couldn't get it to handshake with my power base. For now the Scaley app does everything I want it to do. I even spent some time driving some of my analog cars around and figured out how to vary the power in that mode too. Have any of you used the tournament mode in the Scalextric app? Thanks for stopping by to take a look. I'm enjoying my set having fun racing and testing both digital and analog cars. I'm looking forward to the day I get everything sorted out and have a big group of racers over to play.


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Is it possible your left side pit is actually a right side? Only the entry piece has the active flipper.
The first thing I checked was sensor location after removing it from the box. Thanks, though.
What do you think of the black borders over the sand colour ones ?

Been thinking about them, black ones you like an extension of the track. Not sure though. All of mine are the sand ones, has anyone painted theirs black ?
I prefer the black borders to the sand coloured ones for racing, though I think the sand coloured borders actually look better. The black borders are my preference for racing since they are flat in profile. The sand coloured ones have a raised rumble strip which can upset the handling of a car that swings wide. In North America the black borders were harder to find but worth the effort, especially for R3 and R4 corners where the cars can really hang their tails out.
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Where I couldn't source black borders for a length of track, I painted my brown ones black using Pasti-Dip spray. It works well, but does start peeling off the raised rumble strip as spur gears abrade them. I've designed and printed flat strips to fit all the turns, but haven't gotten the tabs and clips on the model yet, and most glue doesn't seem to like to stick to the Scalextric plastic for long.
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