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ARC PRO simple mod to switch the lap sensor into APB-mode

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This simple modification switches the lap counting sensor of the ARC PRO into an APB-compatible mode.

The modification relaxes the ID-LED-to-guide-blade constraints of the ARC PRO enabling cars with surechange guides and/or cars with ID LEDs placed a long way back from the guide blade, still, to function correctly. This is achieved by switching the lap counting dual sensor into an APB-compatibility mode.

In making this modification, the analog lap counting function is lost.

The modification is straight forward... and done carefully can be reversed if necessary.

The modification is for DIGITAL use only.

The following nine photos show the procedure (no text)...


Wood Rectangle Fixture Gas Bumper

Font Audio equipment Gas Electrical wiring Electronic device

Circuit component Font Gas Electronic component Fixture

Audio equipment Gadget Gas Electronic device Technology

White Technology Gas Audio equipment Fixture

Gas Audio equipment Font Machine Wire

Gadget Audio equipment Electrical wiring Font Gas

Rectangle Wood Gas Machine Electronic device

Electronic instrument Audio equipment Gas Gadget Musical instrument accessory


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Can I also just cut the grey cable if I don't need backward compatibility? Seems to be easier, my Arc Pro is out of guaranty anyway :)
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