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Arduino Based MAGRacing

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A new place to share out thoughts on an Arduino based system.

Here is an image of the basic components so we can get an idea of the feasibility. I currently only have 315MHz Tx and Rx, but the 2.4GHz tranceivers are in the post.

more info on my site at

Helium Frog Arduino Slotless
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I think having the hall sensors arranged as described would work. It would take some time and testing though.
I'm not sure the fridge magnets could be reliably detected by the hall switches.

I like the idea of getting a standard PCB made as a group to create a commercial sized order to make it economically attractive.
One thought is to make it suitable for slot cars as well, this would greatly broaden the potential amount of people that will be interested to buy.

The difficulty as always with a group decision, is to get everyone to agree. Virtually impossible!

I think what we already have developed with existing dev boards etc is fairly optimal, as far as flexibility and cost goes.

I'm happy to be proved wrong on that one :) A custom board would be kinda cool, and appeal to those who like a "ready to go" solution (most people I think).
I now have the PC dependant software up to a stage where it has ghost cars and a race start routine. The shim track is working OK. Lane change (Pit entry)is not as good as I would like, but improving. I have also found that you can add sections of track in anywhere using ramps made of plastic card. It works really well. The following video shows a humpback bridge, which can be moved anywhere in the track. I'm going to use this method to test some alternative lane change geometries.

magracing video 2

I am also working on some better "in car" electronics. I am also going for the 3.3v pro micro as the base , but using a ciseco radio unit and sparkfun DC motor driver. I will then try and swap out the ciseco unit for a nordic one to see if we can get it a bit cheaper.
Very cool stuff as usual Martin. Watching your blog as well. Have you done anything with the track magnet detection yet? This will really open the door for the ghost cars.

I have not been able to get much done on my side of things. Working long hours as of late. But I have been able to get more hardware for my circuit board chassis. Arduino mini pro, surface mounted motor drivers, micro nordic and what nots.

Going to be lots of fun soon.

Thanks for sharing.
Good morning to all

@Martin I think this product can be useful:

It is correct size for the car body and combines ble 4.0 protocol being possible to connect to your baby orangutan and TB6612FNG.

There are one sample code to control RC car with de ble cc2540


1) 99$ cost the license of mac developer
2) 100$ Cost kit texas instruments

I order a kit for texas instruments that has possibilities.
Hi all !
This project is dead ? I'm very interested about it, because I'm working on another project with nearly the same solutions :
- 3D printing for the chassis
- Slotless (black line follow with 3 sensors)
- Arduino + NRF24L01 + RFID
- No servo but two DC motors to change direction
- Arduino talk to a NodeJS server
- Drive the cars (speed + change at the next crossroad) with a web navigator, so with tablet, phone, etc.
Perhaps we could share some code / tips
Hi cyp,
that all sounds cool.
Where does the RFID come in? lap counting? , location? etc
At first, I was using RFID tags to have the location of the car and defining the direction to get at the next crossroad.
But you can put many informations in these tags and you must retrieve at least a block (18 bytes). So I get from tags :
- location
- The type of location (place, cross road, cross road end)
- default direction for a crossroad (left or right)
- maximum speed for this part of the track
- Turn on / Turn off the lights (if there is a tunnel for example)
If you want to see my project, I've start a website :
But I will start another thread to explain it.
Hi everyone (anyone?),

Is mag racing or anything similar died a death? It's all very quiet here :(

I have a lot of technology developed from other wireless slotcar development work I've done over the years which could be applied to a slotless guided system.

If anyone is interested please make a posting here or PM me a message.

Cheers Alan
Magracing is not dead yet!

We have been working on new cars for a while now and are nearing completion of the chassis. Here is the latest version. Hopefully this weekend I can get it up and running around my track to see how it goes. As you can see there has been quite a few changes to the original design which have improved it a bit.

My intention is to release about 5 chassis for sale initially and get feedback as to how they run. They are all based on FlySky radio protocol so can also be used as a radio control car on a flat floor.

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Which kind of body are you thinking to put on them?

Anything modern, like Gt3?
Ideally, it would be nice to have a chassis that fit existing bodies.

The main issue could be the battery, but you might want to think to have the battery in an AW configuration it is too wide for a 1/32 slot car.
Nice work Martin. Very impressive. :)

I agree with you there Grunz, if a stand-ish body can be fitted, it would give Magracing more appeal.
I have designed several magracing chassis which will fit many existing 1/32 slot car bodies. Most can use axles, wheels, and tires for 1/32 slot cars. Some will fit bodies as small as a 1965 Chaparral 2C and a 1967 Porsche 910. Another fits larger bodies. I even have two for LMP.

Check out
I tried adding Scorpius to it but found the cars way too basic to want to put any serious effort into it. I can not see this taking off. Concept is good however.
What type of electronics are you using in the car there Martin?
I'm seriously tempted by MagRacing.

If you ever make a chassis suitable for classic rally cars, I'll be buying.
The electronics are custom designed for the new cars. It is based on Atmel AVR (arduino) processor and uses FlySky protocol data transmission. Consequently the new cars will require a hand controller from Flysky not the original one. These are very cheap (£20) on ebay for the GT2-B. Because of this low cost it wasn't worth us developing our own. You will also need the 3.7v AAA batteries and charger all of which are easily and cheaply available on ebay.

Flysky also do a controller the FS-GT3C which enables you to switch between models. I think this is a handy feature which is why I went for this system. I am hoping to also add on a "cruise control" to channel 3, so you can set a car running at a stead rate. Great for getting a few ghost cars running on the track.

A narrower rally chassis is on the cards. The first release however will be the original cars with the original bodies. I know this isn't very inspiring to some, but we have made the chassis so it can be extended to give more options for alternative bodies. You must however remember that because the Magracing cars have to carry their own power the weight of the cars is very important for performance. This is why vacformed bodies are generally used. Lightweight slot car bodies also work though as Ned and a few others have found out.
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