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Arduino Based MAGRacing

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A new place to share out thoughts on an Arduino based system.

Here is an image of the basic components so we can get an idea of the feasibility. I currently only have 315MHz Tx and Rx, but the 2.4GHz tranceivers are in the post.

more info on my site at

Helium Frog Arduino Slotless
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Sounds great Martin.

Could your rx be use in a conventional slot car as well?

The tyres on your car are a good improvement and the

shapeways offerings that Ned has linked to, look very nice.
Not sure if the motor driver would stand 12v supply I would have to check. However now I have the design sorted, it wouldn't be too much trouble to do another with this capability.

I have also noticed that Flysky transmit on 8 channels even though we only use two. Well 3 actually as I have the third channel switch set up to toggle an output (for lights etc)

I have been thinking some of these other channels (4-8) could be used to send control data to the cars, particularly from a base station transmitter for ghost cars or scenery.
I just thought I would let everyone know that we are now in production with the new magracing chassis. We are doing them in batches of 5 at the moment and hope to ramp up soon to do more.



we also have a selection of bodies that we are selling. Chassis is £50 , bodies are £10

For more information head over to the magneticracing website at

or email me at

[email protected]
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Have you ever raced a magracing car on a conventional plastic track? I reckon having the rails in the track the cars will have the same road behaviour as on a slotless track with piano wires underneath.
If that works, you might turn a conventional slot track into a track with ideal racing lines and overtaking points just by adding metal strips under the track surface.
I'm curious if that would work.

341 - 344 of 344 Posts
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