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Arduino SSD based Mag Controller

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I've been working on an Arduino based controller for Mag Racing. Based on the SSD controller as it has buttons and a suitable linear pot for throttle sensing.

The idea here is that many of you may already have an SSD Controller that you could use in this project. Correct me if I'm wrong!

Controls are like Martin's awesome setup, so basically the difference here is the use of Nordic's NRF24L01+ module in place of the Ciesco Rf module.

With this system the Controller wirelessly transmits data to the car, the car records its own laptimes and transmits those laps & laptimes and battery level (fuel) to a "listener" connect to a PC

One slight difference here is that when starting a race pressing both brake and Lc buttons for 5secs (adjustable) resets the cars internal laptimer.

Pressing Lc and Brake engages reverse so combined with throttle, facilitates reversing back onto the track, just like with the Ciesco system.

The Controller is "$1ish 3V 1500mah battery" powered 3.3v 8Mhz Arduino Pro-mini and configured correctly gives 50-100 hrs use , unlimited standby/sleep (up to the shelf life of the battery)

The car controller is an Arduino pro-mini 3.3v 16mhz, and records laps via a Hall sensor that is triggered by passing a strategically placed magnet on the start/finish line of the track.

The "listener" is an Arduino UNO with a Nordic NRF24L01+ Wireless Rf module that is connected to the PC via USB. It Scans all the car radio channels to record car data.
The PC has has a Windows program that simply displays the cars laptimes etc. So you can place the PC where ever it suits.

Currently I'm working on tidying up the windows program code as it's "finally" working quite well on a Win7 PC

Will post some pics soon.
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The idea is to make the electronics as small as possible to fit almost any car. With 1/32 scale ,space is at a premium. Also just to see if it is possible for the fun of it :)

re "Arduino for Mag racers" , I mean Magracing cars , just to clarify.

To make an existing SSD controller wireless, about $10Au DIY

Maybe I've accidently posted in the wrong thread, oops
Drifter2. .... How's the modded arduino board coming? Got my pcb chassis back today. 26 cut to fit a McLaren M8D. Very happy with how they turned out. But I am having a very difficult time making all the pieces fit. I think I am going to use the ATTINY24A-SSU......
Hi, I've got the chip soldered to the board and connected a USB ASP programmer via SPI. The board responds to the programmer so it's working.
I haven't had much time to do more work on it lately.

Any pics of your project?
How much flash (program) memory does the ATTINY24A-SSU have?
ATTINY24A-SSU IC MCU 8BIT 2KB FLASH 14SOIC... Do you think that would be enough? No pictures yet. Been out with the little woman all evening. Will post a new topic tomorrow.
The example sketch called blink uses 1k to flash an LED,
So I think you would need much more than 2kflash for MagRacing.
Came to the same conclusion after writing my post. Maybe using the same chip as a mini pro arduino like you is the way to go. A little more reading is needed.
Not really ,
I built a wireless Xbox controller ( or rather, hacked one ) to control the cars . The kids love it
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