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Hi all,

Please see detail of the 'Area 6 Challenge' orgained by Nick Thrower of the Luton Club. First round to be held 17th Jan (Tuesday) as our normal club night.

Anyone wishing represent the club and attend who does not have suitable car/contoller, please reply either below or PM and we'll see what we can do!
Area 6 Challenge

This series of races in aimed at getting a larger number of existing slot racers through club
doors on a normal club night without introducing additional races into the schedule and
making it as accessible as possible to encourage as many racers out of their clubrooms.
Although this is an Area 6 Challenge, racers from any area are welcome.

Championship Rounds
Each round will be held on a normal club night (NLSME on Thursday, LSCC on Monday,
Wellingborough on Tuesday).
Each participating club will host 2 rounds in the championship.
If the visiting clubs wish to hold their normal club night for that week, that is their decision.
An entry fee of £5 will be charged per entrant per round - 50% going to the prize fund and
50% to the hosting club.
Schedule of Rounds
Round Club Night of Week Date
Round 1 Wellingborough Tuesday 17 Jan 2012
Round 2 NLSME Thursday 23 Feb 2012
Round 3 LSCC Monday TBC 26 Mar 2012
Round 4 Wellingborough Tuesday 1 May 2012
Round 5 NLSME Thursday 31 May 2012
Round 6 LSCC Monday TBC 2 Jul 2012

Car Classes
Open to all entrants - 1/32nd scale Saloon chassis with Gp12 motor.
Sub Class
Excludes all Premier Grade drivers - 1/32nd Production chassis with Falcon motor.

Approved Bodyshells
Overall and Sub Class bodyshells must be from this approved list -
1981 Lola T600
1981 Ford C100/1
1982 March 82G
1982 Porsche 956/962
1982 Aston Martin Nimrod
1982 Jaguar XJR5
1982 Rondeau M482C
1982 Kremer Porsche CK5
1982 Sauber
1983 Lancia LC2/83
1983 Grid Plaza
1983 Gebhardt Toyota
1983 Giannini Alba
1984 Lola Chevy Corvette GTP (Group C)
1984 Tiga GC84
1984 Lola Mazda T616
1985 Dome Toyota 85C
1985 Emca Aston Martin
1985 March 85G
1985 Jaguar XJR6/1
1985 Harrier Chevy LR4
1986 Spice Fiero
1986 Equrie Ecosse C286
1986 March Nissan
1987 Sauber C9
1987 Silk Cut Jaguar XJR8
1987 Liqui Moly 962
1989 Spice SE89P
1989 Nissan R89C
1989 Aston Martin AMR1
1989 Jaguar XJR11
1990 Nissan R90CP
1990 Peugeot 905V10
1990 Sauber Mercedes C11
1991 Mazda 787B

Jaguar XJR6
Porsche 956/962

Area 6 Challenge
Championship Prizes and Points

Points from all rounds will count - no rounds will act as a non-scoring rounds.
Points for Overall, Sub Class and Club will be -
Position Home Driver Away Driver
1st 20 30
2nd 15 25
3rd 12 18
4th 10 15
5th 8 12
6th 6 10
8th 5 8
9th 4 6
10th 3 5
11th 2 4
12th 1 2

An additional 10 points will be awarded at each round to the best presented bodyshell, best
prepared chassis and motor regardless of Home or Away status. That is an additional 20
points up for grabs to enhance your and your clubs position. The points will only be awarded
if the car races competitively in the evenings round.

No prizes will be given at individual rounds.
End of Series prizes will be presented for
1 Overall 1st down to 6th
2 Sub Class 1st down to 6th
3 Club Champion
4 Concours winner
5 Constructor winner

Prizes will be slot racing goodies plus trophies for the first 3 in the overall and sub class.

Race Format

Qualifying order will be based on the championship overall positions. The first round
qualification order will be based on National driver seedings. After the first round, a new
driver to join the series will go into the bottom final regardless of his National seeding (as
Falcon Pro)
The races will be a series of segmented move-up finals using half the lanes on a track. Each
race will result in the first 3 moving up into the next. In the case of a 6-lane track
(Wellingborough), the first 4 will move up.
Lane selection will be pre-determined.
E.g. a race for a 4 lane track, a driver will get two segments - one on an inner lane and one
on an outer lane. For a 6 lane track, a driver will get three segments - one on an inner lane,
one on a middle lane and one on an outer lane.

The total distance on all lanes will count.

Other Rules and Regs

1 Each driver must nominate his choice of Overall or Sub class before the round starts.
2 1 minute is permitted for mid race lane changes
3 No tool assisted work on cars permitted between lane changes
4 No tyre changes between the start and end of a segmented race.
5 Round Timetable
a. Club Open by 2000 latest
b. Practice until 2100
c. Races until they finish (should be by 2300)
6 Judges for best presented will be decided at the round.
7 The hosting club will be expected to organise and run the evenings round.
8 Each club will nominate one of its members as a Steward for each round.
9 The Stewards decisions will be final.
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