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Argos sets

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If you after one of their exclusive sets maybe you might want to grab one this week as there is at least 20% off until Saturday. The Audi TT set is £34 for example. Check their website.

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QUOTE (ScoobyDriver @ 10 Dec 2004, 13:24)Just came back from Argos. Turns out they had taken too much off the prices. The actual prices are 79.99 each.

Now I was always under the impression that a store should honour a price quoted even if it is wrong?

No the prices quoted are an invitation to treat, when you take the goods to a checkout you make the offer, if the shop accepts the contract is made (offer and acceptance).

If the price on the goods is incorrect, the shop should tell you at the point of sale and offer you the good at the correct price or refuse to sell the goods at all. They should then correct the price. They should not, however, sell you goods at a higher price than that labelled without informing you of the change of price.

If they accept at the 'incorrect' price (as Kodak did a little while ago on their website) a contract is made. At that point they cannot rescind the contract and try to claim the additional sum or refuse to supply the goods unless it was a patent error.

In terms of advertised price, my understanding is that a simple error may be made and the firm would not be obliged to honour that. However they should not advertise prices they have no intention of honouring.
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