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Argos sets

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If you after one of their exclusive sets maybe you might want to grab one this week as there is at least 20% off until Saturday. The Audi TT set is £34 for example. Check their website.

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I was looking in Toys R Us last weekend at the Le Mans set for £99. Unfortunately we were there buying a rocking horse for my daughter so no room for the scaley set.

Argos Set 4 exclusives are about £71 for the F1 cars Mclaren and Toyota and £69 for the Astra BTCC and Merc CLK DTM. Now £140 for two Set 4s with 4 cars seems quite a bargain to me. Might pop in there later today.

Granted a bit more than Ebay bundles but its all new, no shipping worries and I get to play with this weekend.
Just came back from Argos. Turns out they had taken too much off the prices. The actual prices are 79.99 each.

Now I was always under the impression that a store should honour a price quoted even if it is wrong?
Never mind its only another £20 so just one less car

I guess a large corporation such as Argos isn't too fussed if one customer gets the hump and doesn't go back.
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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