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Howdy guys,
RePete and myself have been nutting out an Artin race series.
More info here

As previously mentioned Artin cars are quite heavy, have mild long shaft motors that almost mid mount the motor and have a very mild magnet that has more value as a weight than a magnet.

We've decided non magnet is the way to go.

Here's the grid based on mods and testing to date on 13.8 volts regulated.

Saleen 5.9sec
Porsche GT1 6.0
Lambo 6.1
Stocker 6.2
Merc CLK 6.3

The Saleen is std with the ugly duckling F1 wheels and tyres, but rear axle trimmed to get the rear track under the guards. Those Artin tyres would have to be the grippiest rubber tyres I have seen.

Porsche GT1 Only mod to this car is the Ninco rear axle and tyres to give it more top end (larger OD)

Lambo Diablo My personal favorite (most of the time) A top heavy car that needs to go on a diet up top (heavy interior) Lowered all round and Carrera Porsche GT Carrera (V10) wheels and tyres fitted.

Stocker This one surprised me, a heap of straight line compared to the rest (just the right rear tyre OD me thinks) and handles pretty well too. All I have done is trued the rears almost down to slicks.

Mercedes CLK With more tuning I feel this car's going to be a weapon. Ninco rear tryes and wheels once again to give it more top end. Massive brakes on this car.
So far I have lowered the front and lightened the super heavy interior, but will replace the interior tray completely as it's still too heavy (upto 3mm thick in places)

To give you an idea of the pace, a Scalex Camaro with a ninco 2 mm button magnet up front will do a 5.2 on 10 volts regulated. I choose 10 volts on scalex cars to make it more realistic, still plenty of wheel spin available if you want.

Basically they have Std SCX staright line, but non magnet handling.

I have numerous Artin 1/32 cars arriving next week and will be supplying them for $25 each.

Harry at HRW warned me that the Saleen was the car to beat and looking at the above results so far I agree with him. So basically you can have a race winning car for $25 and 15 minutes work, or I'll prep it for you.

I have 5 cars ready to race now, so when racing starts later this month for the first night I'll be offering use of my cars...
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