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hi guys i have a aston martin c68 which has had its wheel arches butchered to make way for bigger tyres/wheels from a 80's porsche 911 doh!

so i was wondering how i could repair it ?

or if any of the aston matin c68 kits that are floating around will attach to the chassis which i have

the car is all ok apart from the dam rear arches doh! doh!
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One of the ways to repair the arches - very painstaking but very strong -first lightly sand the arch, then line the arch with super glue, and the sprinkle on Johnsons baby powder. This forms a very strong bond while building up the arch. Use a narrow nose bottle to sprinkle the powder! This will dry quickly, so then add some more superglue, and more baby powder and so on until the correct size. Obviously this will have to be sanded to the correct shape and painted once completed.

This methodology can also be used to reinforce the inside of any car where it has cracked or is prone to break.

If the repair is not visible (so for re-inforcing the inside of a car or attaching a wing to a chassis for eg) you can substitute Bicarbonate of soda for the baby powder, which is more rough but absorbs the glue far more easily and forms a ver strong bond... in fact to sand it you need a metal file or a dremel ....!

hope this helps......
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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