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hi guys i have a aston martin c68 which has had its wheel arches butchered to make way for bigger tyres/wheels from a 80's porsche 911 doh!

so i was wondering how i could repair it ?

or if any of the aston matin c68 kits that are floating around will attach to the chassis which i have

the car is all ok apart from the dam rear arches doh! doh!
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For polystyrene bodies you can simply mix small shavings of the plastic (from inside the body or parts sprue) with polystyrene cement. This melts quickly into a useful putty. Of course this only works with glues that melt the plastic.

My Aston Martin accelerates very poorly, do you others have the same problem? I would think this is at least partly because the RX engine is underpowered for the 110g car!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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