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hi guys i have a aston martin c68 which has had its wheel arches butchered to make way for bigger tyres/wheels from a 80's porsche 911 doh!

so i was wondering how i could repair it ?

or if any of the aston matin c68 kits that are floating around will attach to the chassis which i have

the car is all ok apart from the dam rear arches doh! doh!
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I have also that great looking car with lights! (E3, without brown marks)

Plastic is very soft (old brand which was used sixties) and the problem seems to be with those cars that the heat makes it to change shape and also colour (brown marks) so i don't recommend to use soldering iron in repairing job...

Maybe melting repairment plastic with acetone would be more suitable solution. If you find same kind of plastic (also same color) maybe you'll be able to join pieces with acetone. I have seen couple of friends doing thatkind of repairments without having to paint the body.. (it requires some training). Ofcourse it is not original but looks pretty nice.

I saw acetone and differend kind of tools in deansgate's modelzone. (i was there couple of weeks ago

Let's hope that you'll get it fixed! Would be nice to see pics of your C68..

Best regards:


Here's my C68:

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