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OUCH ! What so fabulous car

It's a great pleasure to see a come back of GT in Le Mans, and British cars too, even my favourite mark is Porsche... le Mans race should change, because it's dominated by Audi and year by year, there is no more suspens ( Like in F1 with Ferrari). We have to support all these legendary GT mark ( Morgan, TVR, Ferrari, Corvette and now Aston...). Le Mans should be a GT race like in the 50's and 60's. I was desapointed because of no more race program of Bentley ( Audi engine
!!!), their cars were so elegant....
This year in le Mans, I talked with te director o f The Museum, and he told me a truth : " If tomorrow, people from Great Britain don't come at le Mans race, Le Mans will die..."
So support your Teams....

Have a nice day

Mike Delanney
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