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· Alan Tadd
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This is the third in a series of thirties Sports cars I've completed, with a view to forming a complete grid of these wonderful old cars some time in the future.

This model is again by Matchbox and features a scratchbuilt PCB and brass rod chassis.

The body was first assembled and allowed to dry. The base was then dremmeled out to form the cavity for the chassis.

Why the Compromise?.......Well I like to run my slot cars that I build, they are not die casts that should be placed on a shelf. The compromise in the case of this car was the mudguards. The kit comes with some very fragile looking supports which are glued to the axle. Fine for a static display but not for a slot car so I made some brass rod supports and soldered them to the axles. Not 100% accurate, but at least they shouldn't fall off!.



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That's very nice Alan. You must have 24 hour working on the production line of these cars!

What about an on track photo of all the cars together please.


· Allan Wakefield
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and I thought I had too much time on my hands....

Happily for us, you seem to have more - That is another sweet conversion, whats the motor?
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