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At long last - The Italian Job set

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Just spotted an advert for this when checking out from Ebay.
Hornby official issue, not sure if it is restricted to John Lewis.


Only red and blue minis and no special features, but the price seems fair/attractive. Diehards like myself have been waitingsince 1968 for this

Was not sure where to post this, apologies if not spot-on. I have no allegiance to the vendors.

Kinde regards, Leo
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Shame is doesn't come with all three minis, I know is analogue and can only support two at a time but everyone has their fav one and for those that want the white hey will be very disappointed, also a shame the tack isn't a little more exciting, if it's taking after the movie it needs to have a widy hill section and a long bus to drive.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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