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I have been using this jig since Dave England designed it and had a limited number of them produced back-then. I think I can say that without it, chances are that I would not have been a scratchbuilder today. The Russkit is a rare and expensive sight on eBay, and I found that slate blocks needed more experience than I had as a beginner. With this jig though, it is extremely easy to achieve an even ride height, the correct axle width, correct alignment etc., thus effectively eliminating a lot of the frustrations you'll otherwise encounter. Almost all of my proxy cars have started their life on this jig, and some of them have been quite successful.

The number produced at the time was very limited and all of them were quickly gone. It is really great news for new and old builders that this jig once again will become available. I for one will recommend them to everybody. Kudos to Chris for taking the financial risk of having them produced!

Erling, Norway.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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