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Thanks to all that attended the North staffs round of the Audi Slot-Tech challenge
for once i was on the winning team "The oatcakes"
the results will be post on james johnson web site
thanks to the Pre Add team, who say they let us win after finding a loose tyre at the end of the day, so that's what slowed them down

slowed them down my foot the lap record tumbled several times on sunday
the old record for rubber tyres was 7.91 seconds
chris lyons(the oatcakes) was the first to break the record in his first heat(7.85) james lymer (pre add) broke it on his first heat (7.84) and it went on like that both of them trading the lap record until the last race. chris had got his fastest lap in of 7.42 set on the yellow lane which stood until the last race.
in the last race chris was on the white lane (1 of the out side lanes ) james on the red (a fast in side lane). chris still put in fast laps of around 7.80 but james took the fight to the wire beating chris's lap by .01 of a second with a 7.41
(with loose tyre yeh
) time but finishing in total 20 laps behind us the oatcakes. to show how fast that was we hold an open class race with fast motors and sponge tyres a very good lap is 7.25 seconds with 6.99 as the lap record.
well done to s harris and and his partner plus melcom scotto of the wolves team
the 2 lads were put very fast laps in, as their car and them came together in the later stages of the race their fast time was a 7.82

so thanks to all that came

see you all at wolves in november
where normal service will resume- ME DR STICKY coming no where

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Cheers Rob!

Another good day, well done to the Oakcakes!

Results & Photos will soon be on my site, I'm half way through sorting them all, had quite abit of college work to do.

I'll post a link when they're ready.


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hi all

Hope all who attended the North Staffs round enjoyed themselves, I know us Oatcakes did

Looking forward to see the overall results on James' site so we can wind up Pre-Add something rotton in the next week or so

The two empty packets of cookies from the cookie awards look great in our trophy cabinet, its about the only thing we've got trophy wise

I never got any cookies 'cos one of our drivers was on a diet, so they were donated to some hungary junior team from our club

See you all at Wolves for the last round of the porsche challenge


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hey inte

as if i would fix putting us 3 together in a race or several races we had a laugh though as usual
any way beep beep it felt so good to pass you and mick for once

i am now praying to the slot gods to make it happen again

hopefully in the next porsche challenge at wolves in november ( on the ninco track)
at the next audi challenge again at wolves in december (on the old hamilton track)

for once a race winner(well part of a team of winners)

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Thanks to all at NS it was another great event!

Even the oatcakes were good, The cheesy ones that is!!!

We even managed to go the entire meet without a breakdown! A 1st I think!!

See you all at wolves twice.



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Rob, you dont half bang on, as we told you, Pre-Add have had a first and third, we let you win so we could fill in the gap to compleat a 1 2 3 . lets have another chat after the Wolves audi race, you will be begging us for one of our cookies. Mac p

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Very good meeting and nothing went wrong

Shame none of us junior winners get a mention though...

Thanks Alot Rob

(Pendle Juniors Racer)
(North Staffs Junior Audi Champions)

Also Check out the North staffs lap on James' Website! (He told me too say that
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