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It was a hot sticky night at NERCS, made all the more unpleasant by the foul body odour of you lot!
Very well done to LeeW who blew the competition away to come in top of the tree.
It was nice to meet new member Tony who put on a really good show with 15 points!
Great to see Dave Wisdom blow away the NSR cars with a car he created from a scrapped body from a
French Scalextric Porsche.
At the other end of the scale it was business as usual for Swop Shop who finished all six races in a highly creditable last place.
Also well done to Ryan who topped the kids with a fabulous 17 points!

Remember. Next club night is Wedenesday August 17th.
Tynesides Endurance is Sunday 21st August.
Track rebuild nears completion during August bank holiday. PM me or Ron if you can help.

Here`s the results in descending order of patheticness.(26 in with 24 racing).

LeeW 21
Whispering Dave Wisdom 20
New Chris 20
Ironman Tom 20
Geordie Puffda Good Looking Paul 18
The Great Ronaldo 18
Waynes World, Waynes World.Party Time! Excellent 17
Slotcar Dad 17
Wayne Oral 17
Cheating Smoggie Sh*t Shoe Cook My Sock Jamie 17
Volswagen Beetle Tony 15
Stewe Pot 15
Slotcar Senna Mathew 14
ArunW 14
Smoggy Laurah 14
Big Mal 14
Graham BeerFest 13
LiamW 13
Smoggy Geoff 12
Son of cheating Smoggie Sh*t Shoe Cook My Sock Jamie, James 11
Poison Dwarf 10
Geoff Bike 10
Swop Shop 6.
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