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Autódromo Juan Manuel Fangio

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Hi everybody,

I've been out of Slotforum for almost two years. I still want to rout my own track and finally the two main problems in achieving this (time and a decent space) will be solved. I have been looking at many tracks, and during my search I stumbled on the Autódromo Juan Manuel Fangio in Balcarce, Argentina. For an impression see this video (from start untill 2.10 minutes into the video it's AJMF). Please turn up the sound and enjoy the Argentin commentator!

For the layout and surroundings have a look at this:


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Welcome back.

Balcarce is a great circuit, and I'd love to see it built. But as a slot track it has one potential disadvantage. The inverted, or internal figure of 8 means the inside lane will be much shorter than the outside lane, in fact it doubles the difference between lanes.

I once did a scalextric version and the inside lane was 98cm shorter. That might not be important to you, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

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Thank you Jason, nice to see that you already made this track in plastic. I know the track is of the infamous paperclip design. Plan is to build a two or three lane routed track. Im stubborn enough to insist on a design that has its disadvantages. I will probably spend most time alone on the track, but in case of a lesser god joining in, Ill grant them the inside lane. If they are any good we could alternate. Maybe it will be me that will be granted the inside lane. 🙁
Nice one Bart, I'll look forward to seeing the track progress.

It's a nice layout, with a lot of subtle cuves which can't really be captured on a plastic track, so it will be great to see a routed version. Good luck.
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