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Auto Art mod - need spares

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I bought three Auto Art WRC cars (2 x Pug 206, 1 x Cit Xsara) with a view to modding them for digital. All are 4wd with lights, and the wiring side has gone swimmingly well, though the lights are of the Lucas variety (dim, flicker or off).

The digital chip has been fitted in OK, and the LED was fitted into the transit fixing screwhole, and is perfect.

However, it turns out that no less than two of the three rear pinions are knackered. One is split, and the other has a non-standard gap between two of the teeth.

Being new to Digital and to modding, I would be very grateful for any tips as to where I can find replacement pinions for these AutoARt cars, so that I can mod the other two.

And if anyone can suggest how I rewire the lights so that they stay on, I'd be even more grateful.
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I bought an Autoart Xsara and did exactly the same as you and had the same problems.
I converted it back to analogue and then to 2wd to overcome the issues.
It's now relegated to can't be bothered.
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