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Have you guys seen these - coming soon from Auto Art:




Mazda RX8





Auto Art website

I think that I may be enlarging my collection quite soon!
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Hmmm... I notice that link has a picture of the RX-8 but it's not listed on the list of cars. I wonder which is wrong there, picture or list?

I saw a Murcielago parked on Unter den Linden in Berlin back in September and as I crossed the road for a better look I noticed lots of other males abandoning wives and children to do likewise - running across the street to peer inside a supercar, it made me feel about 8 years old again!

I'm pretty sure this has been shown here before with that same glaring mistake. I just hope they up their production rate a bit and at least with the Mazda and Nissan they are treading new ground. Mind you, if they take too long there is a good chance we will be greeting them with "Not another RX8 and Fairlady!"

I've been a good boy so far and have one of each of their "so far released" cars, despite having models from several other manufacturers already. I haven't raced either of them in anger yet and I see people who have complained of random deslots but a quick trial showed that an SCX guide looks a possible cure being considerably deeper!

Cheers, Mr.M
I have only recently clapped eyes directly on their Subaru and Mitsubishi and am truly impressed by the quality and detail. But their apparent preference to provide us with almost duplicates of cars already released by others seems bizarre. I can't work up any enthusiasm for them as slot cars.
the red porsche under the Mazda '8 is the turbo.. the GT2 has those eff off big wings!

QUOTE Unter den Linden

Unter der Linden. No you are right.

Forgive me!
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wonder if the auto art murchalargo will be better than the proteus one?
whats wrong with the proteus car? someone tell me, cos I can run a 9 second lap at wrexham with it out the box!

i never said there was anything wrong with the proteus car what i meant to say is i wonder if it will beat a proteus one
Going by what Inte' is saying, I doubt very much that it will be faster.

The new autoart one will be 4WD (I think..) so therefore they will probably use the gear driven 4WD system like the scooby..... so therefore slower.

But... as we all know speed isn't every thing!
..the AutoArt Murcielago is with a 4WD - like the prototype has been from Lamborghini! It's a little noisy, has plastic-bushes for the Axle, brass bush for teh drive-train - with too much movement possible. Excellent lights - nice runner. Detailled report as soon as I've the time to do it...
There is already a couple on the bay!

QUOTE AutoArt Slot Racing
Lamborghini Murcielago
4WD Slot Car

I didn't even think they were out yet!

You can check yourself if you like:

Ebay - Lambo
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QUOTE But... as we all know speed isn't every thing!

yes it is!!

erm, yes they are all made with the 4wd system off the audi's I think? or some variation of it anyway!


That Porsche GT3 from the side view,looks like the Dewalt livery would look good on it!!!

that would be the GT3R.

I don't know if this is old news, but there is a little review over at Home Racing World of the Murcielago. Look here:Lambo review
Some pretty sharp looking wheels there! Not too impresed by their 4WD implementaion. It looks the part though

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Since I'm not too interested in street cars, I'll give a go for the GT3R. Should be an excellent base for reliveries ! (Let's hope the driver has an helmet)
QUOTE the AutoArt Murcielago is with a 4WD - like the prototype has been from Lamborghini!
I really didn't know that - thanks for the info!
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Proteus looks better and by the looks of it, it will go better too.

I still reakon that the proteus is the fastest accelerating rtr today

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