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QUOTE How about we put some well thought out and informed ideas down here over this week for track improvements that COULD be useful and give an edge. I will present it to them at the weekend.

Ideas for a new track system - off the top of my head.
I may edit and add to it later.

I dont see a market for a track footprint any BIGGER than Carrera I am 100% sure of that.

Also definite that it should match the geometry of an existing system and provide adapters to that system. This would encourage existing racers to sample the new system, with the confidence that it will fit in with what they already have.

Whether the target lane spacing and geometry should be Carrera, Ninco or Scalextric, I am not so sure. I think Scalextric has the biggest market and is probably the favourite to emulate. On the other hand, there are customers who prefer the slightly wider spacing of Ninco and Carrera. A VERY hard decision!

I much prefer a medium/dark gray as opposed to shiny black but I may be in a minority. No white lines between lanes.

Again, personal preference is heavily towards smooth texture. If it is made of the right material, a smooth surface can provide BETTER adhesion than rough surfaces. Smoother surface also provides quieter running - a point not often noted. it is also MUCH easier on human skin when handling - another point rarely made.

My personal preference is for the plastic track body to be of a material possessing attributes partway between the flexibility of current Scalextric Sport and relatively rigid Carrera tracks.

Rails should definitely be stainless as per Artin and Carrera at the expense of ultimate magnetic attraction. Magnets can always be added to cars but resistance to corrosion is FAR more important.

The slot should definitely be lined and defined by a plastic groove section which imparts overall stiffness, inhibits rail kinking and minimises the possibility of shorts across the rails - all important attributes.

All edges lower than the actual running surface of track pieces should be radiused slightly rather than leaving the common sharp edges that are very hard on soft hands and can discourage people from assembling and disassembling track. However, the top surfaces should have clean cut edges to facilitate tight joints between sections, whether laterally or longitudinally.

Physical connections should be modelled on something similar to Artin or possibly HO track, both types of which are MUCH easier to assemble and disassemble than any other 1/32-scale track currently available, due to their positive click tab connectors. Great attention needs to be paid to the design of electrical connections between sections - presently NO 1/32 track is as effective as several HO tracks in this respect. Physical and electrical connections are one of the prime targets for improvement over most existing 1/32-scale tracks.

I may add more later.

3,883 Posts
Previous posts make it clear that the slot cars are made in China, but where the parent company is based, I don't know.

QUOTE the artin track snaps together fine, but the connections themselves are hideously ugly & very distracting to look at. The carrera is not perfect, but the connections are inconspicuous!
Nicely summed up!
A solution that addressed both would be a sure-fire winner.
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