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Hi Maltese

After a lot of checking (and I thought I knew where to look), it seemed that the link to the Slot Forum article re Auto Art, in connection with the Nurnberg Toy Fair, was not working - sorry! However, a check with the boss turned up
THIS (and it is!)
So I'm not as clever as I thought I was and Nuro is!

However, the link given above by Thomas is very useful and his pages contain more detailed photographs than we had here.

I had not checked Thomas's pics before and they are very informative.
Maybe I could add a few words to help explain a few details.
Auto Art Trackpic 1 shows the connections of Carrera (top half) and Auto Art (bottom half) and it can be seen that, although they are very similar, they are NOT interchangeable.
1. Auto Art is very slightly wider again than Carrera
2. The rail connectors are reversed (male/female)
3. The plastic section tabs are a different design and differently placed.

Other well thought through pics show even more minor, though important, differences (Thickness, side connection sockets etc) and it is very clear that the two makes will not be interchangeable - an important consideration.

I must say I am very impressed by the smooth banking transitions on the suspension bridge! Other than that, I feel that a new track system, so similar to Carrera's existing, probably doesn't have much of a future.

I have no information since the original Nurnberg report and, now, Thomas's very helpful pics.
Thomas may well know more, though - he very often does!
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