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Autoart UK

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ok - It seems as if there are Autoart slotcars available in the US and in some European countries - but not in the UK?

Does anyone have any recent information about the status of Autoart slotcars in the UK?

Another question of interest is ofcourse if it is going to take such a long time to sort out the distribution issues in the UK that some of the slotcars will run out of stock in the meantime...

Was looking forward to some of the new releases.

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Setting up their own distributor, I think. Jexy had a long chat with them at the toyfair. He's nosy, like that! Global something-or-other springs to mind!

Through Anmerang! Funny thing is we went to the Anmerang stand at Toyfair and told THEM what was coming from AutoArt this year!

The Global whatever-it-was stand was in the "other" hall away from all the other slot car companies!

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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