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The Super III was something an epic fail. An attempt to marry the front of a Wizzard with the back of my Scorpio 2 (with adjustable magnets, hence the clip that seems to do nothing), it was blighted by the fact the shoes and brushes were not thought through fully, and rendered pretty useless by AW's bizarre decision to never release spares. It seemed as if AW got so far with things and then lost interest, somewhat borne out by the chunky, fantasy-scheme 'Nascars'.

If you do attempt to strip the car back off the brushes from the comm first, you may be able to use brushes form other cars but best to assume that all parts are scarce so go easy.

It is always interesting to find pockets of HO racers, and a suprise where they turn up sometimes. Does anyone else at your club like HO?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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