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I've been looking on the bay (again!) and I've noticed that Autoworld now have their own store on there. Pretty cool I thought as I could get cars from the source.

Wrong! If I wanted to buy a nice black/orange Dodge Daytona, I can buy it for £7.44 which is a really good price but they want £82.22 to post it to the UK! £82.22 is how much 11 Dodge Daytonas costs!

I've sent them an email asking if I could have some of what they're smoking and whether these prices were correct so we'll see what they say. I did point out that I usually have cars sent from the US for $5.

If they charge a sensible postage price then buying from AW will be great as AW cars are usually sold by private sellers for a lot more. Ho hum.
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Black and Orange Dodge Daytona, I've got an Aurora one of those.......
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