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I've been looking on the bay (again!) and I've noticed that Autoworld now have their own store on there. Pretty cool I thought as I could get cars from the source.

Wrong! If I wanted to buy a nice black/orange Dodge Daytona, I can buy it for £7.44 which is a really good price but they want £82.22 to post it to the UK! £82.22 is how much 11 Dodge Daytonas costs!

I've sent them an email asking if I could have some of what they're smoking and whether these prices were correct so we'll see what they say. I did point out that I usually have cars sent from the US for $5.

If they charge a sensible postage price then buying from AW will be great as AW cars are usually sold by private sellers for a lot more. Ho hum.
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I shall post their reponse when I get it. If I can get them to accept that these prices are unreasonable then maybe we can all have the opportunity to buy some AW cars should we want them. Some of them are nicely different from the usual offerings.

I don't understand the attraction of the iwheels, white versions of things though. They look silly.
The word from Autoworld is that they do not currently post overseas. Fortunately my attention has been briefly diverted by the orange, blue and yellow Daytonas that go with my purple car. Already have the blue on its way, the orange on my watch list and fingers crossed for a yellow car soon.

So many cars, so little money...
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Hi John,

It is a definite code isn't it!

Thanks for the kind offer. I shall definitely keep it in mind if I really, really want that car! If you see the clean version of the General Lee, that's a definite want!


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