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Avant slot Hammer M controller wiring.

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Does anyone know the correct way to wire an Avant Slot Hammer M hand control to work on a positive wired circuit using 3 pin 2 amp sockets.
The wires from the hand control are as follows --
Track + is Red
Power supply + is White
Common is Black.

I have been told two,different ways - so I don't know which is correct !
Can anyone help please
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The colours in your post are not the same as most controllers.
The Professor Motor web site says the Avant Slot Hammer M is wired White (Power), 2 = Red (Brake), 3 = Black (Track) - which is the same as Parma etc.

The standard wiring on a positive wired circuit using 3 pin 2 amp sockets is
Track to N
Power supply + to L
Common to N

Are you sure the descriptions in your post are correct?
According to the manual supplied with the controller :-----

Red is Track +
White is Power supply +
Black is Common

If this is right then surely the wiring is as follows ?

Black ( Common ) to Earth pin in plug

White ( Power + ) to Live pin in plug

Red ( Track + ) to Neutral pin in plug

Or am I missing something ?
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Sorry I've added to the confusion by making a mistake in my earlier post
What I should have said is

The standard wiring on a positive wired circuit using 3 pin 2 amp sockets is
Track to N
Power supply + to L
Common to E

The manual supplied does indicate red and black are the opposite way round to what it says on the Professor Motor web site.

Now if we could have a post from somebody who has successfully wired up one of those controllers to a positive wired track telling us which way round actually works.............
If the controller was designed to be used with a negative polarity track (all 1/32nd track sets have negative polarity) you probably will not be able to use it with a positive polarity track. This is the positive polarity wiring scheme that is used in the US:

As I understand it tracks that are wired to the BSCRA standard are positive polarity. E goes to the negative side of the power supply and to the left hand track rail looking in the direction of travel. N goes to the right hand track rail looking in the direction of travel. L goes to the plus side of the power supply. Inside of a resistor controller the brake contact would be connected to E, the wiper would be connectrd to N and the resistor would be connected to L. I hope this makes sense, I am confused myself!
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The way I worked it out when I had to wire a new plug for the club I joined was to check the feed into the driver station - it was easy to work out which was the positive feed from the power supply and which was the feed to the track etc .

The Avant slot controller can be wired for positive or negative tracks.

I agree with Rich about wiring.
Every make of controller I've come across with red white and black wires has them wired like Rich's diagram.
The problem appears to be the manual supplied to Mr V says the Hammer doesn't follow those colour code

The Professor Motor web site says the Avant Slot Hammer M is "Dual polarity switchable to adapt to any analog track", so if that's correct it should work on either home set or British club wiring as long as the switch is in the right place.
It is great that the controller has dual polarity. The question is what happens if the switch is in the wrong position? A properly designed controller would have diodes or some other protection to prevent damage if the switch was in the wrong position or the controller was hooked up incorrectly.
The is no switch to change polarity you have to take the controller apart and switch over
the white and red leads. The controller also has some protection built in for short circuits etc.

Cheers DM
The lack of a switch is probably a good thing, it can't get switched the wrong way in the middle of a race! I once raced on a track that had random polarities from lane to lane, no fun with most electronic controllers. I had no problems because my old Cidex Omni controller has bridge rectifiers instead of straight diodes, so it works with either polarity without having to change anything.
I got one of these today, I phoned up Pendles to save myself some trial and error

I was correctly told, for +ve (standard BSCRA) wiring to a 3 pin 2A plug: Red to earth, White to Live, Black to Neutral.
The unit instructions do say its pre-configured for +ve polarity tracks.
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Did you sort the wiring out?

I think the Prof Motor info is correct the white is + from the Power supply the black is + to the track and red is - from the power supply.

The Avant Slot manual is quite confusing - I think the illustration is incorrectly labelled

Theres more than one standard for wiring worldwide, hence why Avant Slots is different.
As a complete electrical/electronic ignoramus can I revive this thread by asking somebody to confirm that if the track is wired positive on the right-hand tape in the direction of travel, then the track is 'positively' wired. I just bought one of these controllers and would like to set it up properly.
Hi aerodynamic
Sorry to say it's not like that

The "Positive wiring" talked about on this thread is all about which way the electric current goes through the controller.
It's important because some electronic controllers will be damaged if connected to the wrong polarity.
It is not about whether the right or left hand tape in the direction of travel is positive

(The car will either go forward or backwards depending on if the right or left hand tape in the direction of travel is positive.)
Is this for use on a club track or home track Sandy?
In which case I'll ask the advice of MSM. He has much experience wiring and coincidentally uses the Mighty Hammer for club racing.
Most club tracks are positive wired, but the occasional one isn't.
Might just be worth checking if where you race is wired the normal way round.
I remember reading this thread when I was considering buying my Hammer M. I nearly abandoned the purchase, based solely on the utter confusion that the thread conveys.
I'm glad I didn't.
At the time of writing the Mighty Hammer has been my controller for nearly two years and I have been very pleased with it. Yes, it has its flaws, but if, as I believe, its main flaw is that its grasp exceeds its reach, then really it would be churlish to carp. It's not the best electronic throttle available, but it is the cheapest, and that's a big plus when one is just starting out in club racing.

Now, in definitive answer to the original question:

As you can see I even painted the plug (MK brand of course) in a fetching shade of green to match the Hammer's case, although if I'd know it would be so finely scrutinised in a close up photo I might have made a better fist of it...

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