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Avant slot Hammer M controller wiring.

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Does anyone know the correct way to wire an Avant Slot Hammer M hand control to work on a positive wired circuit using 3 pin 2 amp sockets.
The wires from the hand control are as follows --
Track + is Red
Power supply + is White
Common is Black.

I have been told two,different ways - so I don't know which is correct !
Can anyone help please
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This is a question for MSM, could you please repost your wiring diagram for Hammer controller as it seems to have disappeared



Thanks for info, yesterday no image for me but today it has appeared , hey ho!



Slightly off topic but does anyone know the correct way to set up P0 and P1 on this controller? The instructions seem vague to me. Just get brutal acceleration !!!

Help please

No experts out there ?

I hoped MSM may have been along
1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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