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Avant slot Hammer M controller wiring.

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Does anyone know the correct way to wire an Avant Slot Hammer M hand control to work on a positive wired circuit using 3 pin 2 amp sockets.
The wires from the hand control are as follows --
Track + is Red
Power supply + is White
Common is Black.

I have been told two,different ways - so I don't know which is correct !
Can anyone help please
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sorry for even more slighty related thread necromnacy, but I have a question

I am moving away from 1/32 going to HO that I can race at home with my daughter. I am going to make some connectors so that I can plug my parma eco controllers into AFX track. Am I correct in my thinking that with the resistor based eco controllers this should just work?

Also, I have a controller with the chip for scalex sport track. Would I be correct in thinking that this is wired for positive polarity, The AFX track is negative polarity, and by plugging this controller in I might hurt it? The variable speed selection would be handy for my daughter, or should I say, so im not constantly putting cars back on the track.
I have just had a look at my controller and I think I also have the positive polarity. Pictures below, I cant remember what half of this stuff is. Any help would be appreciated.

I think this is the negative for scaley sport, It has the 3.5mm stereo jack

a close up of this

the other cartridge I forgot I had, Im assuming this is positive

A connector for the cartridge im assuming is positive, to fit 3 pin club tracks

and this is the internals of both cartridges.

SO I have a couple of questions with this. The first is what type of connectors are those on the positive cartridge? Secondly, the AFX track doesnt have the brakes circuit. Will I need brakes for an electronic controller to work? If I do, is there a way I can bypass this, like a dummy plug for the 3rd wire to plug into?
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QUOTE (300SLR @ 25 May 2015, 18:40) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>You might get replies from some other users if you started a thread with controller in the title. Threads titled "Avant slot Hammer M controller wiring." will most likely be read by those interested in Avant controllers.

very good point

In any case im reasonably happy with your confirmation of my thoughts. As far as I can remember the second cartridge was bought to use at a trans am race at pendles, and I would have only bought it if I needed positive rather than negative, as I already had 3.5 stereo jack to 3 pin adaptors for my parma eco's.
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