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Avant Slot - how do they compare?

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In my brief and limited experience NSR & Slot.It seem to be the speed demon's weapon of choice and they seem to feature as the top two in inter-marque challenges.

I have only recently become aware of Avant Slot and was wondering if anybody can tell me how the Avant LMP cars stack up against similar cars from NSR & Slot.It.

How do they compare on fast routed tracks and how do they compare on twisty plastic circuits?

The reason I ask is that I have an opportunity to buy the Avant 2006 Le Mans winners set consisting of 2 Audis (the TDi's) and the Pescarola that split them at the finish. Brand new - £68 all in. I'm hoping they will be up there with my Slot.It Group C cars.

Or should I spend the same cash on just one NSR? (Don't own any NSR's at the moment).

Does anybody have first hand experience of how the marques stack up?

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Superslab, that was really informative - thanks!

Richard, I'll bring my "mmmmmm, box fresh" NSR 917K along tomorrow for you to compare against your Slot.ITs and Mr Slotcar. So I'd better go and true the tyres now!

Sounds like that deal you've spotted is very good VFM, and knowing you, you'll buy a big bag of top quality ally wheels for the Avants for mere pence from some obscure ebayer.

Knowing your track and the amount of enjoyment you get from it, and your propensity for knocking out a batch of urethanes every time Mrs Modifier pops out, I'd say go for it. you'll really enjoy fettling then racing the three cars.

**EDIT** Mindat3z, forgot to say - that hunting you mentioned on the Avants running with the APB. It sounds like they need a far lower resistance throttle for that setup. Have you tried to calibrate the throttles beforehand?
QUOTE (SuperSlab @ 28 Dec 2011, 00:39) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Life is pretty darn good actually...

Sat in Wales raising a cup of colombian coffee to you SuperSlab. Like the sentiments (and at 52, my Furygans still zip up and zip together - might blast the Firestorm over the two local mountain passes tomorrow, just to nod in your general direction).

I agree, tis all about the twisties
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1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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