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Avant Slot - how do they compare?

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In my brief and limited experience NSR & Slot.It seem to be the speed demon's weapon of choice and they seem to feature as the top two in inter-marque challenges.

I have only recently become aware of Avant Slot and was wondering if anybody can tell me how the Avant LMP cars stack up against similar cars from NSR & Slot.It.

How do they compare on fast routed tracks and how do they compare on twisty plastic circuits?

The reason I ask is that I have an opportunity to buy the Avant 2006 Le Mans winners set consisting of 2 Audis (the TDi's) and the Pescarola that split them at the finish. Brand new - £68 all in. I'm hoping they will be up there with my Slot.It Group C cars.

Or should I spend the same cash on just one NSR? (Don't own any NSR's at the moment).

Does anybody have first hand experience of how the marques stack up?

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I just got the Le Mans 2008 winners myself and having serious problems with running them on a Scalextric digital track with the advanced powerbase. The cars "jump" as if they gain and lack power. I switched to the sports power instead, and ran the track totally analog and then they work perfectly and are very interesting cars. The "Hurricane" engine is 27k rmp from what I understand, and the torque seems amazing. Before i started tuning the cars, they tires where spinning on the track as soon as i pushed the throttle.

It takes very much to keep them on the track and in control and they are seriously fun to drive (when they work). The magnets on them are hardly enough to keep them on the track, and it´s quite hard to find a good spot to put a stronger magnet or weights, but the cars have quite a lot of possibilities for tuning right from the start and with some truing of the tires and some WD40 i managed to get some control of them also.

Compared to my NSR Moslers... I dont know. I feel that the Mosler is easier to handle and gives me more control and in the end gives me better track times. But I can imagine having some great time racing with friends with a matching set of Avant Peugeot 908, since they require some more thinking and handling, creates a more interesting race. Easy is not always the most fun.
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@Flange: Maybe they have some weird speed limits in Richmond. *grin*

@Snurfen: I solved the problem today after spending some loving time with the Avant cars. I guess this is part of what we all love with slot cars also. To be a mini mechanic and try to solve these kind of problems and tuning the cars.

Dont ask me what the problem was, I still only have theories. But i took all 3 cars apart into pieces, gave them new Slot.It wiring, new NSR racing braides, re-assembled and re-adjusted all the screws, axels and motor mount. And now they run like hurricanes indeed.

I had some time to play with them also, and I have to say I do love them. They do look amazing. You get a great engine and lots of tuning abilities right out of the box. They take a lot of time to setup and tune and I already share the opinion of SuperSlab. They could use some new wheels and some new racing tires. I also think that if you run a plastic track at home, a bit stronger magnet can be in order if you want to compete with cars like Slot.It or NSR. It´s a huge difference in how they come "stock" out of the box, the NSRs and the Slot.Its have more mag.

All together, I have to say that I will buy more Avant cars. They are not "racing ready" out of the box, but then again, neither is Slot.It. If you want your Slot.It R8C to compete against a NSR Mosler you need to get some new tires, maybe a new AW engine block and engine, ... It´s just a different philosophy.

But I am sold...
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@SuperSlab: I thought as much.
The track and the racing looks wonderful.
Damn I need to round up a gang here and make a slot car club. Can´t let you guys have all the fun.
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