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New livery from Avant SLot due soon AS51103 Yacco Alpine A310 1976

Group 4 Yacco 1976 Alpine A310. This is the third livery on this model from Avant.

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Yes, I've driven mine. I don't race at a club though, and lap records hold no interest for me, so my only interest is whether it's good to race against other similar cars, how well it performs without a magnet, and whether or not it performs acceptably (minus magnet) straight out of the box. I run on Scalextric Classic track.

Straight from the box after removing its magnet:
The guide needed trimming to suit the shallow Classic slot, but other than that it worked very well: smooth, quiet and no nasty handling surprises. Grip from the tyres was acceptable to me, but would probably not meet the standard required by club racers.

How does it perform without a magnet?
Again, it's acceptable to me and is what I like, I.e., it slides a lot but doesn't de-slot unless driver error is the cause. It's a lot of fun.

Is it good to race against other similar cars?
A difficult one to measure. I don't expect cars from different brands to match each other's pace and as I don't have another Avant Slot rally car, I've not used this one much and haven't raced or timed it, but it feels very similar in overall pace to a Ninco ProShock Porsche 911: faster on the straights, slower through the corners. It's a lot faster than SCX rally cars covering the same era.

I certainly haven't driven it enough to give a comprehensive review, but I'm very pleased with mine and, if you don't mind the price, I think you'll be pleased too.

Note that the rear wheels on mine look different to those pictured in the promo shots. Mine are the original factory fitted unpainted alloy wheels with black inserts and haven't been changed. Note too that this livery is, I'm 99% certain, from 1981/1982 and not, as the promo literature says, 1976. I did have some decent pictures of the real car but seem to have lost them, but from memory I think that the model isn't particularly accurate around the sills, which I think should be flared to represent accurately the car that wore this livery. Finally, note also that this is Avant Slot 51102, not 51103 as the first post says (51103 is the pale blue Gitanes car).

Avant Slot 51102 - Alpine A310. French Rally Championship 1981-1982. Christian Coeuille
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