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Can you use the optional aluminum motor mount? If so, use it, it has ball bearings and adjustable motor height.
Set the motor as low as possible.
Check that the leaf springs are not too tight, check also if the rear end is level. Adjusting the leaf springs and the bottom screws so that the car sits level with the track is a must. The orange motor is good, the gears are not so, use slot it, 9/25 - 10/26 possibly, but you always need good brakes, so test it with these.
Set the front so that the front wheels barely touch the track.
Forgot to mention, before all these, strip the chassis and make sure it's straight, place it on glass to see. If needed use the hot water method to straighten it.
No weight at all, if it deslots, work on the front axles height.
Any silicone tires are permited? Tried with supertires?
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