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Ahead of our visit to Avant's display, we caught up with them a few days prior to the show and are pleased to present their 2012 range and info.

Before we get to the models some words from Alberto Ranz - CEO of Avant Slot;

"State of Art"

"After six years in the market place the winds of change arrive. Nobody escapes
from these troubled times and it's not easy to keep focused on a hobby when your
thoughts are far away. That's the moment to stop, wait and think. We must find
deep in our heart the machine that moves us, wake up this feeling and let it free."

"Here at Avant Slot we are working to build your dream cars for collectors, racers
and home users, it doesn't matter which you are."

"In the 2012 collection you will find the new state of the art cars made by slot
enthusiasts for the slot enthusiast. We do not have a general marketing manager
working with a calculator, just a team that put their hearts into each product.
If you can imagine the engine noise while you have one of our cars in your hand,
welcome to the world of Avant Slot."

"Finally I'm proud to say that we have come back home. Models will be made under
strict parameters in our Spanish factory."

Below are the new planned models and liveries for 2012;

Mirage Gr8 - Le Mans 1975 - Winner - Derek Bell - Jacky Icks - Ref: 51202

Lotus Elise GT1 - Le Mans 1997 - Lammers - Hezemans - Grau - Ref: 51604

Lotus Elise GT1 - White kit - Ref: 51606

Peugeot 908 HDI FAP - Le Mans 2011 - 5th - Lapierre - Duval - Panis - Ref: 50314

Audi LMP 10 - Le Mans 2008 - Tom Kristensen - Limited Edition - Ref: 50119

Peugeot 908X HDI FAP - Hybrid 4 - Test Car - Ref: 51801

Peugeot 908X HDI FAP - Le Mans 2011 - 4th - Davidson - Wurz - Gené - Ref: 51802

Peugeot 908X HDI FAP - Le Mans 20211 - 3th - Sarrazin - Montagny - Minassian - Ref: 51803

Peugeot 908X HDI FAP - Le Mans 2011 - 2nd - Bourdais - Pagenaud - Lamy - Ref: 51804

Pescarolo Evo 01 - Le Mans 2011 - Nakano - de Crem - Charouz - Ref: 51902

Pescarolo Evo 01 - Le Mans 2011 - Da Rocha - Lafargue - Barlesi - Ref: 51903

Pescarolo Evo 01 - Le Mans 2011 - Moreau - Ragues - Monteiro - Ref: 51904

Pescarolo Evo 01 - Le Mans 2011 - Hein - Nicolet - Yvon - Ref: 51905

Mitsubishi Evo X - FIA World Champion - Armindo Araujo - Ref: 50805

Subaru N14 - S14 - Rally Santander Winner - Quique Ojeda - Ref: 51006

Opel Manta - Rally Rothmans - Vatanen - Harryman - Ref: 51501

Opel Manta - Rally Cataluña Costa Brava - Sainz - Orozco - Ref: 51502 (note catalogue typo)

Peugeot 205 T16 - Group B - Rally Montecarlo 1985 - Ari Vatanen - Ref: 51701

Man Truck Dakar - Dakar 2011 - Ref: 50407

Other liveries are under consideration and will be shown during 2012.

We will update this page with prototype photos and info as soon as we are able.

Download the Avant 2012 Catalogue
(Warning 13.3 mb PDF file)

More info and pics to follow.

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probably be the manta and 205 for me too. cars for 2012 for me so far havent seen much else.

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Here are photos from the Avant Slot stand. Alberto Ranz very kindly showed us what he had planned for 2012.

The exciting news is that they will be bringing production back to Spain. Short run production and re-runs will now be possible. They will keep every car in the catalogue for about two years and if successful and if there is demand, they may re produce a certain car at a later date.

A new UK distributor AEC, will bring the cars to the UK from now on.

Here are photos. Text and details will follow.


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QUOTE (JEXY1 @ 31 Jan 2012, 13:44) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Subaru N14 - S14 - Rally Santander Winner - Quique Ojeda - Ref: 51006

Other liveries are under consideration and will be shown during 2012.
I know I keep harping on about this, but how about the GrpN Subaru body with a Toshi Arai livery ? He's been flying the flag for Subaru in GrpN for years. I favour this livery from Cyprus in 2009...

DSCF5654 by stoooo, on Flickr

Produce this one, and I promise to buy two. I can't say fairer than that.

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